Saturday, April 9, 2011

The idea of Jones Beach as a fun place is tarnished for now

The Jones Beach Water tower at sunset-a landmark in the center of a traffic circle as cars approach the various fields to Jones Beach state park before continuing along Ocean Parkway past Gilgo Beach to Captree Park at the end of the road.

More ideas about the killer

   The NY Times has just reported that the bad guy may be a cop because he seems to know police techniques. As I said before-that is the favorite cover for a murderer-pretending to be one of the good guys. And let's face it-how many people would think twice about a cop being in a quiet area late at night-that's his job!
   However, like me, one only has to watch some TV shows on crime to learn about police procedure-and there's a wealth of information online. So the previous comment "ain't necessarily so."

   I did not know the guy was using disposable cell phones to contact the 4 Craigslist victims until today-so I guess the public will learn more as we go along. It's hard to theorize here without all the facts. Maybe the last four victims were not related to the new ones-let's face it-the police could be uncovering the dumping grounds of some other killer's crimes from years ago!

   I think the man is knowledgeable about technology and may have access to cell phones-maybe he works part-time at a cellular store. On the other hand, anyone who likes secrecy would probably use these cell phones.

   Police need to go through their records of anyone who may have received a parking ticket in that area late at night after the parks were closed-and they need to go through all the sex offender lists in the boroughs. A man who breaks the law by committing murder is the kind of guy who'll disobey parking and traffic rules too.
Gilgo again!

Scene of Gilgo Beach houses from Ocean Parkway traveling west.

Friday at the beach again

Taken on the road going west back to Jones Beach-actual brush/weeds near a section of houses at Gilgo Beach at a dead end road.

Inn at Parking Field near Gilgo Beach houses on other side of road ( behind brush) if one heads by car west back to Jones Beach. Residential area with inlet behind it.

Area behind dunes not far from where bodies were found near brush on Ocean Parkway heading east to Captree. There are fresh truck tracks in the sand.

One section of houses at Gilgo Beach.

Sign for Gilgo on side of Ocean Parkway going west to Jones Beach.

Another view of the dunes going east on Ocean Parkway. There are roads behind dunes not seen from  that  main road, with beaches that are not too many feet from the actual ocean.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More in Far Rockaway: scenes from an abandoned shoreline; did the killer go by boat towards Gilgo Beach

Abandoned house, construction in Far Rockaway Queens

Gilgo Beach Killer

   Like everyone else these days, I'm concerned about the murders at Gilgo Beach. Why? Yes-they were all most likely prostitutes-but they were all human beings and at one time, someone's dear baby and child.

   These girls probably fell into the life of drugs and as a result, prostitution-the world's oldest profession was a quick-yet risky way to make a few bucks.

   Some people however,are not concerned because of this-for most people are not prostitutes and therefore not going to become a victim of what is allegedly a serial killer.

   I've got thoughts about this last allegation. Organized crime-which we all know controls most of the prostitution industry- may have gotten wind of those Craigslist girls who worked Long Island or "independent contractor" streetwalkers-like in Atlantic City, who walked the boardwalk there in 2006, and simply gotten rid of them. Or maybe it was a disgruntled pimp who felt he was shortchanged?

   Okay so let's go back to a serial killer-working alone or not? Using a boat or car to transport the bodies?
Let's think-how could one get away with dumping bodies on the side of a road? At night? Wouldn't the killer be noticed in a car? Or is he commonly seen there-like a parks maintenance guy or a beach bum?  Maybe he's a highway patrol guy who's got a reason to be there. Or we can go back to a guy on a boat who dumps the bodies at night-but wouldn't that be a hike from the shoreline to the road? Maybe he does have help after all.

   We do know these women were found in graves at an equal distance a few feet apart from each other in west Atlantic City, in a marsh off the road there, shockingly similar to the 8 bodies that have been found since December 2010, in the Gilgo Beach, Long Island area. None of the recently found four bodies were buried there but were found in black burlap bags.
   One psychic saw the letter "G"on a sign near an alleged body of water way back when Melissa Barthelemy's family went searching. Yes, that prediction was correct.
   Another psychic feels that the man drives a white van and yet another sees him with light eyes traveling the Long Island railroad.

   I'm an avid watcher of Forensic Files( Body of Evidence:FBI profiler Dayle Hinman) and Investigation Discovery, and I just want to go with the current known facts and possibilities:
1. All victims were prostitutes in their 20's and Caucasian-at least most of the bodies discovered (and reported) so far on Long Island. Most of the victims in NJ were allegedly blonde.
2. They were found in burlap bags on Long Island and in marshes off a road in Atlantic City. None had shoes or socks.
3. The cases in NJ and in NY are similar-yet the bodies in NY were allegedly in such a bad state that one cannot tell if the women were killed in the same fashion-such as strangulation.
4. There were alleged calls from a man connected to Manhattan and Massapequa.
5. The women were killed elsewhere and dumped along the road in a beach resort area. Was he in an SUV?

   One psychic has come to the conclusion that the killer hates his mother who's petite. On a personal note, there are plenty of men who hate their moms but that does not make them killers. There has to be a physical aspect to this man-a man who likes violence.

   The task: who has done this?

   Okay-so we've established that this man is violent. Like Dayle H., I'm going to conclude he lives somewhere in this area-between NJ and Gilgo Beach. We live in a heavily populated area-Nassau and Suffolk Counties alone have millions of people and so does Manhattan and the other boroughs like Queens.
   And sex is also a part of it. The most likely suspect is a sex offender who is violent. He's been in jail and does not want to go back therefore-he kills. Plain and simple. Prostitutes are easy prey-they also fulfill his sexual fantasies.

   If he works alone-he's strong enough to carry bodies and he's probably in good shape. He may work out at a gym. Another thing is that he may not work a regular schedule because he's got time on his hands-to kill!

    Black burlap bags (which contained the victims) are used in construction and in landscaping-so he's got easy access to them. Maybe he's a DIY, landscaper or a contractor doing landscaping in his spare time.

   Another thing-the brush where the bodies were found had a heavy infestation of ticks and poison ivy-so it's possible that in 2008, 2009 or 2010, this man had a heavy case of bad poison ivy and may have even gotten medicine at a clinic/hospital for it.

   If he's linked to the NJ killings, this evil man also could be interested in gambling at the casinos there as well. So maybe he's got extra money to spend; he's probably not poor then. Unless he's a gambling addict. He could be the kind of man who takes days off in the summer to gamble and to meet girls at night.
 Killing may not have been the initial reason but now that he's killed-he'll do it again.

   My suspicions are that he's in Queens-like in a place like Far Rockaway-which has the water there. It's got easy access to Brooklyn and therefore the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge and NJ.

    Yes, he could be anyone-however most likely he's an athletic charmer who frequents prostitutes (mostly online)and knows these beach resort areas well. He could be a taxi driver, bus driver or someone who works in the parks on Long Island beaches at night.

    He may have rented a house at Gilgo Beach or had a friend that did. The area from the Jones Beach water tower, along Ocean Parkway, becomes a lonely desolate road once you drive east past the last parking field, which is at Field 6. There is a stretch of road going in both directions with very few turnaround opportunities.
    The road eventually ends at a booth to the entrance of the state park of Captree, which is at the Great South Bay across from the Fire Island public park areas, easily accessible by the Robert Moses Causeway and bridge. Bodies could be dumped at night by someone who had quick access from a house near where the bodies were dumped.

    Again I've got to say-this man is violent and a predator. Police should be looking at the violent sex offender lists. Of course not all predators have a rap sheet; some even pose as cops to get victims. Remember Ted Bundy? 
    I could tell you I've dreamt of his face-but then I might be deemed crazy. Although having psychic abilities does run in my family.


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