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Saturday, April 9, 2011

More ideas about the killer

   The NY Times has just reported that the bad guy may be a cop because he seems to know police techniques. As I said before-that is the favorite cover for a murderer-pretending to be one of the good guys. And let's face it-how many people would think twice about a cop being in a quiet area late at night-that's his job!
   However, like me, one only has to watch some TV shows on crime to learn about police procedure-and there's a wealth of information online. So the previous comment "ain't necessarily so."

   I did not know the guy was using disposable cell phones to contact the 4 Craigslist victims until today-so I guess the public will learn more as we go along. It's hard to theorize here without all the facts. Maybe the last four victims were not related to the new ones-let's face it-the police could be uncovering the dumping grounds of some other killer's crimes from years ago!

   I think the man is knowledgeable about technology and may have access to cell phones-maybe he works part-time at a cellular store. On the other hand, anyone who likes secrecy would probably use these cell phones.

   Police need to go through their records of anyone who may have received a parking ticket in that area late at night after the parks were closed-and they need to go through all the sex offender lists in the boroughs. A man who breaks the law by committing murder is the kind of guy who'll disobey parking and traffic rules too.
Gilgo again!

Scene of Gilgo Beach houses from Ocean Parkway traveling west.

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