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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Friday at the beach again

Taken on the road going west back to Jones Beach-actual brush/weeds near a section of houses at Gilgo Beach at a dead end road.

Inn at Parking Field near Gilgo Beach houses on other side of road ( behind brush) if one heads by car west back to Jones Beach. Residential area with inlet behind it.

Area behind dunes not far from where bodies were found near brush on Ocean Parkway heading east to Captree. There are fresh truck tracks in the sand.

One section of houses at Gilgo Beach.

Sign for Gilgo on side of Ocean Parkway going west to Jones Beach.

Another view of the dunes going east on Ocean Parkway. There are roads behind dunes not seen from  that  main road, with beaches that are not too many feet from the actual ocean.

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